Why take a Ski holiday in Zermatt Switzerland?


A Quick look at Zermatt, Switzerland

Looking for a top Ski holiday in Zermatt?  Zermatt is a mountain resort village located in southern Switzerland, at the base of the iconic Swiss Alps. It is renowned for its stunning views of the Matterhorn, having glaciers and snow-covered slopes that provide activities such as skiing, hiking, and mountaineering.

Dubbed by some environmental activists as the world’s first pollution-free town, Zermatt is widely known as one of the best skiing destinations in the world. Tucked away in Switzerland’s Valais canton in its western part, this ski resort lies near the stunning Matterhorn peak. In addition to its close proximity to Cervinia at the Italian border, it offers endless possibilities both on and off-piste, with a variety of restaurants ranging from tranquil dining establishments to vibrant nightlife. Skiing in Zermatt may come with a hefty price tag, but its Swiss alpine charm and car-free environment make it an ideal ski holiday destination for any adventurer.

Access to Zermatt

Access to Zermatt, an idyllic Swiss resort, is easily done although it can be a bit more difficult if you’re intending to take your car. Engines are prohibited in the village, due to their effect on the pristine environment, so the closest you can get via car is Tasch. Multi-storey car parks are located there at around 100 Swiss Francs per week for parking. For those travelling by public transport, electro-taxis, buses and bicycles are available; or you can even try out the local form of transport – walking! Alternatively, some hotels will offer horse-drawn carriage rides for visitors.

The French TGV rail service is the best option for travelling from London to Geneva. The journey should take around nine hours, but if you’re short on time you can opt for a flight – it’ll only take two hours and forty minutes. There are also transfers available from Zurich, Basel, Milan and Sion – the closest major airport to Zermatt.

The village of Zermatt is located in the Swiss Alps. It is an area that enjoys phenomenal skiing conditions. It has well-groomed trails and an abundance of snow. The slopes are perfect for ski enthusiasts of all abilities.

Zermatt Ski Facts

Here are a few reasons why skiing at Zermatt is an excellent choice: the prestigious reputation, the unrivalled scenery, and the vast array of trails. Highest lift: 3820 m (12533 ft)

Lowest Lift: 1620 m (5315 ft)
Total vertical drop: 2200 m (7250 ft)
Piste Length: 313 kilometres
Longest run: 17 kilometres
Snow Cannons: 129
Cross country: 9 kilometres
Total Lifts and Mountain Railways: 73
Snow Park: 2

Snow cannons can help produce snow for this ski holiday resort

They are invaluable for areas where temperatures are too warm or there is not enough natural snow to cover the slopes. Snow cannons provide a solution that enables ski resorts to operate, regardless of the weather conditions.

Cross-country running is an endurance race across a distance of nine kilometres. Participants in the competition must exert themselves physically and mentally, as they strive to complete the course.

Altogether, there are seventy-three lifts and mountain railways, providing easy access to the slopes of the Swiss Alps. These ski stations give guests a wonderful way to get to their favourite runs, making it easy to explore the stunning alpine landscape.

The Snow Park is the perfect spot for skiing enthusiasts.

From novice to expert, everyone can enjoy the slopes here. With multiple trails and ski lifts, The Snow Park has something for every level of freestyle skiing, jumping etc, It is well-maintained and provides a great skiing experience for all abilities.

The Zermatt resort appeals to a range of skiers,

From intermediate and professional levels to learners who can benefit from the nursery slopes available. It comprises 21 black, 41 red and 12 blue runs, plus there are plenty of opportunities for snowboarders too. With ski lifts able to carry up to 70,000 people per hour and 35 kilometres of snow cannons on hand to produce additional snow if needed due its high altitude, this is a great place for guaranteed snow cover. Adventurous skiers will also be pleased with the off piste possibilities it offers.

If you’re heading on vacation, it’s important to have somewhere to stay. You should research the best place to stay before your journey starts. That way, you can be sure you will be comfortable while away from home.

There is no doubt that Zermatt is one of the world’s top ski destinations

Attracting both wealthy and celebrated tourists to the Ski holidays in Zermatt. This can be seen in the range of lavish 4-star and 5-star hotels, high quality chalets and premier resort lodges on offer. It goes without saying that this kind of accommodation does not come cheap, but their rooms and services are worth the investment – as demonstrated by The top accommodations: Mont Cervin, Cervo, Omnia, Riffelalp resorts

Even if your budget is tight, you don’t have to give up on skiing in Zermatt. Affordable self-catering rentals and apartments are still an option. Staying at Tasch village may be the cheapest choice, but bear in mind that apres ski activities are toned down there and commuting by train to the resort is part of the itinerary.

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