Explore everything that Zermatt has to offer visitors

After working in and around Zermatt for the past nine years, Luca has grown to know the area well. Zermatt is one of the most renowned ski resorts in Switzerland, with attractions for skiers of any skill and age—from beginners touching a ski for the first time, to thrill-seeking experts looking for their next exciting challenge.

Looking to spend a full week exploring everything that this breathtaking region has to offer? With Luca’s nearly decade’s worth of experience, he’s accustomed to helping a wide variety of clients find the best possible ski holiday solution.

For any clients looking for ski booking across multiple days, Luca’s personal ski holiday consultant services are included. Visitors will receive a fully customized and personalized experience, drawing from all that makes Zermatt such a fantastic place to visit. Eat at all the best restaurants, dive into the region’s best spots, and, of course, glide down all of the best slopes.

No matter how large your group might be, its members’ ages or skill abilities, or whether you have any non-skiers in your midst, Luca can suggest the best holiday options based on your preferences and interests. He strives to provide only the best Swiss holiday, giving you opportunities to not only connect with each other, but also with the nature and the mountains.

Zermatt ski expert

Luca knows the region

If you’re interested in an expert consultant familiar with Zermatt and also the entire Valais or Wallis,  one who knows the best and most enjoyable skiing spots for not only experts, but also beginners and even children, look no further than Luca. Based in Zermatt, Luca can provide the best possible assistance, providing virtual tours of the properties, and helping with any specific needs you may have or extra information you may need.

Zermatt has fantastic variety when it comes to attractions. Some spots are great for children, while other spots are secluded and quiet, perfect to connect with nature. Other areas will give you easy access to Zermatt nightlife, such as bars and restaurants.

And if you need help dealing with the hotel or chalet, Luca has a vast amount of experience here, as well. He is familiar with the companies or private owners of many of these establishments to help ensure that every choice possible is available to his clients.

No matter what you or your group is looking to experience in Zermatt, Luca has the knowledge to make it a reality. He can help you organize your ski holidays in the best possible Alp locations, where he has been collaborating for years with other concierges, ski instructors, chalets, and hotels such as Courchevel, Val d’isere, Sankt Moritz, Verbier, and Gstaad.

Let Luca help you book every aspect of your holiday getaway, including top-class accommodations, transfers (car, train, or helicopter), restaurants (on the mountain and in town), and all the must-do activities of Zermatt:

Luca knows the companies to make these plans a reality and provide an unforgettable holiday.


Feel like my whole family improved so much even in the few days that he was our guide

My family and I skied with Luca for a few days in Zermatt and we definitely would have had no idea what we were doing without Luca. He was so helpful not only with making reservations for lunch and getting us around the mountain but also giving us tips on how to ski better. I feel like my whole family improved so much even in the few days that he was our guide.
Stefanie B.G.
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Jumped off the beginners slope to the blue run quickly, and improved rapidly

I found Luca as an instructor for my girlfriend, who was a first-time skier at that time. Luca's communication and time/location planning was timely and detailed, was easy to meet him at the resort. I booked two days of lessons, and was very impressed with the progress my girlfriend made during those two days - they jumped off the beginners slope to the blue run quickly, and improved rapidly. The feedback I got from my girlfriend was that Luca was very knowledgeable, was noticing all the problems and chose the best ways to address those, moving at the convenient pace but also fast enough to feel progress. I could easily recommend his services.
Boris T
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It was a really fun 4 days and we were skiing by the end of it !

Luca was an incredibly responsible and patient instructor. He broke down each step for us never loosing his patience and always making us laugh. It was a really fun 4 days and we were skiing by the end of it! Hope to have many more trips to Zermatt with Luca to guide and teach us !
Mayuri G
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If you ever think about trying ski and are in the region stop looking!

Learning to ski with Luca has probably been my best learning experience, all sports/leisure included. Besides being extremely competent, Luca is empathetic, precise and communicates very effectively. Learning how to ski as an adult raised in Central Africa was a very exciting yet intimidating idea, but thanks to Luca I felt safe, guided and supported during the entire process. I arrived not even able to wear skis properly, I left with increased skills, confident in my ability to ski, and inspired by how he managed to get me to exceed my goals. Plus Luca has a very positive presence which makes the experience quite enjoyable! Wether is for a few hours or a few days, if you ever think about trying ski and are in the region stop looking. Luca is the one!
Candace N.B.
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